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Guarantor Loans

Guarantor Loans are designed to be available to people who have experienced difficulties paying debt, resulting in poor credit i.e. County Court Judgements, Defaults and missed payments. They can also help people without a credit history. Guarantor Loans allow people with a less than perfect credit history to access a loan when it is more than likely they would have been refused elsewhere. Apply with us today for a same day payout. Whether it is for debt consolidation, a new car or maybe even a holiday. Whatever you need finance for we are here to help.

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Who are Talk Guarantor Loans?

Talk Guarantor Loans are a specialist guarantor loan broker in the UK offering easy access to finance backed by a guarantor for both tenants and homeowners. The loans our panel of lenders offer are specially designed for people turned down by mainstream lenders; but anyone can apply, whether you have bad credit, good credit or even no credit history at all. Our loan process is quick and easy and allows you to get the funding you require without having to deal with unfair broker fees and extravagant interest rates. We could offer between £1,000 and £7,500 even if it is your first loan through us.

What is a Guarantor?

Defined in the dictionary a guarantor is “A person, organization, or thing that guarantees something”, they are usually an individual willing to back up another person’s commitment. In the case of guarantor loans the guarantor is assuring (or guaranteeing) the repayment of a loan; if the borrower is unable to meet their original obligation with a lender then they are obliged to step in and make the payment on their behalf.

Apply for a guarantor loan with us

When you make your application with us you are applying through a broker, which means you only have to make one application and we will help you find the best lender for you.

Guarantor loan interest rates and APRs

Some of the lenders we use offer variable interest, and others offer fixed. Budgeting is extremely important when paying back loans and the fixed rate means you never need to worry about your repayments going up. It is very important for us here that you are satisfied with your experience with us. If you have any feedback you would like to offer us or if you would like to partner with us please get in touch using one of the methods available on the Contact Us page. We are always looking for ways to further improve your journey with us.

About our product offering

These are products designed for anyone that is finding it difficult to obtain credit. As long as the loan is affordable and you have someone to act as a guarantor there is a good chance we can help; having a guarantor allows us to consider any type of bad credit. We do not use computerized scoring which means each case is looked at on its merits by one of our specialist underwriters. Being a broker allows us to have a certain amount of flexibility with our lending criteria. Although in some situations the guarantor would be a homeowner, the guarantor loans we broker are completely unsecured. Please remember that they must have a good credit history and can not be your partner!

Our guarantor loans adapt to meet your needs

The great thing about the different types of credit available today is you can almost always find something to suitably meet your needs. Whether you need some money to tide you over until the next time you are paid, you are looking to consolidate some credit card debt, buy a new car, pay for a wedding or buy a house you will usually find a product out there that can help. For relatively low cost purchases and consolidation guarantor loans are extremely versatile. With loan amounts available between £500 and £10,000 and repayment terms equally as flexible they are definitely worthy of your interest and attention.

Consolidation using a Guarantor

Consolidating lots of smaller bits of finance can be a great way to regain control of your monthly income. Furniture, electronics and goods purchased through catalogues will often offer a period of time at a low interest rate (0% in some cases). After this period ends, if you have not paid off the balance then you will often find yourself paying a hefty chunk of interest every month (this is how these lenders make the majority of their money from). Payday loans can also be a struggle to manage if they last longer than expected. Sometimes called the “payday trap” (and where they get their reputation for being a bit sharky). If you are stuck paying hundreds of pounds of interest a month on a pretty small amount of money, and not actually making any substantial inroads into paying off the debt, consolidation of this could be one of your best options. The flexibility in loan amount offered by guarantor loans make them a great way to consolidate all types of debt. A lot of people will take £1,000 out to pay off there short term, high interest debts while others will need to take out more. Whatever amount you are looking to consolidate this type of loan could definitely be an asset, and is worth looking at.

Small purchases

From cars to holidays to weddings, purchases under £7,500 are often needed and if your bank won’t help, who can you turn to? This is another place where a guarantor loan could be a great option. They are readily available as long as someone is there to back you up. You could even get yourself a new computer, or a new television, as long as you can afford the repayments then you can spend the money on anything you want! Overall the adaptability of a guarantor loan is one of its most positive attributes. With a lot of lenders in the market only offering up to £1,000 at exorbitant interest rates it is good to know there are other alternatives that may suit your needs.

Still not convinced guarantor loans could be great for your circumstances? Why not give us a call and we will answer any questions you may have.

To apply with us now check out our guarantor loans page.